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[Feature Request] Add layers


I often have to document Tab and Enter order in wireframes. I would create these numeric callouts on top of page elements and then group them to make it easier to move out of the way. Layers would make it easier: I could have Tab order in one sheet, Enter order in another, and my wireframe underneath!



Hi Tanya

Thanks so much for getting in touch.

I can confirm that we do not offer layers in our current editor. Right now, there are no formal plans to add layers - the focus being on keeping the product as simple as possible. We do, of course, formally track all feature requests and I have added a vote in favor of adding layers to our formal tracking.

I know that some users make managing common elements easier using Symbols - you could consider that if you’re not already doing so. There’s some help with that here:

Sorry to not have a better answer on this occasion. Please get back to me if you have any questions arising.

Best regards



Layer support would be really helpful.

Moving a group or selection manually out of the way to get at the items behind it is fiddly. I find this happens often when you have a modal dialog (or similar) showing on top of other elements.

In an ideal world the items behind might be symbols but when starting out it often only becomes obvious that something should be a symbol after lots of design work has been undertaken.


Hello Paul

Thanks for the post and for the feedback on layers. I’ve added your request to our feature tracking.

Best regards



Thank you!
I do use symbols but it’s not ideal for the situation I am talking about, I have to maintain 2 documents: wireframes of a layout, and wireframes with tabbing callouts over form elements. A very simple layers features would make that a lot easier.

Modal is another good example.