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Feature Request: Add Slide Title Text


I want to be able to add the Slide Title to my mockups so I don’t have to copy and paste in two places… once for the slide title and once for the “Title” in the mockup. Just a bit of text that automatically updates to the Slide Title would be perfect.

%SlideTitle% ?


{mockup-name} – I feel dumb! You have no idea how many hours I wasted over the years. (=


Sorry that we didn’t make that more discoverable, my friend. We are constantly tweaking the docs so that you can find little features like that.

Let me know if there are any other text macro’s you like to see. I’ve made note of the time stamp one, but I’d be happy to add any others to the list as well!


Hmm, thinking it over… the fields I usually would use…

Feature / Page – covered by {mockup-name}

Date Stamp / Version – would be covered by a new {date-modified} macro.

Currently there’s a “Project Description” but it’d be nice if that field were split into 4… for Project Name, Client, Author, and Project Description… and each of those were added in as macro text. Admittedly this is more agency-centric… and a lower priority as the Client Name and Project Names aren’t likely to change all that much. Typically when I take one project I did for an old client and go to update it for a new client that’s when it’d be really helpful to have the text be in a macro… but even still I have to update the logos and everything anyway… much lower priority than the date issue.

But yeah… assuming we can get a bit more meta data…