[Feature Request] Add states to a symbol


I just started using symbols and created a bunch of symbols for the different widgets in our product. Something that I miss is that I can’t create variants of a symbol (somewhat like the alternate versions of a mockup). I want to use these variants to capture different states of my symbol instead of having to clone the symbol and alter it slightly.


Hi @Iba,

Thanks for reaching out today!

You can actually override symbol properties for a specific mockup without changing the source symbol, here is the way to do so: https://docs.balsamiq.com/desktop/symbols/#overriding-symbol-properties

Hope this will help! Please let us know if you need any further information or support. :smile:


Hi there))

I totally understand @Iba, I’d love to have a chance to create different states for some of my symbols.
For example, now in order to have different states i create multiple symbols with different names, for example InstantSearchBox RestState1, InstantSearchBox RestState2, InstantSearchBox On Focus, InstantSearchBox Disabled. And when i search in the quick add searchbox, i just choose the one that fits. Often i do clone my mockups to show for example a next step, and then it would be extremely handy just to select my symbol and change a state of it to something else, for example from reststate to on focus instead of deleting it and insearting a new one.
At least for me it works better than overriding symbol properties, which could be for sure another workaround.
But I vote for this feature with my both hands! :slight_smile:


This would be perfect for what I am doing at the moment! Many votes for that from me!


I’m currently working on a status bar that has a few different states. In order to mimic state transitions, I have to copypasta the symbol for each state. It’s not hard to do, but now I have duplicates all over the place, that have to be updated if the general layout changes.

Another way to solve this could possibly be nested symbols…but that’s as likely as finding the holy grail :wink:


+1 this is a great idea


Nested symbols are actually something we’re planning for the future @breon, I’m adding your vote for it too. :slight_smile:


I’d like to add my vote to this feature as well - can be quite cumbersome to either override the properties or switch symbol and then copy and paste the text over.