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[Feature request] - Add 'table of content' feature (...grid-like-site-map)


Hi All,

Feature request:

  • It would be nice to be able to add a Table of Content to the first page of the Balsamiq project. See picture below.

It’s a bit the same as the ‘Site map’-feature, but then it would be in a Grid-like structure. See picture below



Isn’t this the same topic?


Hey @Daniel82,

Thanks again for sharing your suggestions with us today, we’ll discuss it further with the team. Just wanted to mention that the existing Site Map control keeps the links if you export it to PDF.

We’re here to help if you need anything else, Daniel.


Leaving this note just in case you wanted more use cases for how folks structure their balsamiq metadata pages - mine wires are never as large as this one though…20 pages or so is pretty average before I break it up into different documents.

I have a table of contents that I add to the front of my decks. I merely need a list so right now I use the “list” and link each line to the page. It can get time consuming if I forget to set it up at the beginning and have lots of pages. But it’s not too much trouble at all and it exports to PDF just fine and doesn’t take up much space.

I’ve not used the site map control, if it’s the one with the boxes and the “site map” look - that’s a bit intense for just a TOC, I might add it as a page if the site structure was important, but I wouldn’t use it to replace my TOC today. A simple list is sufficient.

I also have a change log - which is more like the grid structure shown here that I use as well since I want that with columns and (ideally) linking (but I’ve never bothered with that - too much manual work.)


Hi Virgin,

I tried that already, but unfortunately the site map doesn’t fit the Balsamiq canvas, and therefor isn’t printed correctly. See picture.
But thanks anyway



Thanks for sharing the details about this one @Daniel82.

The maximum canvas size for a mockup is actually defined by Adobe Air which doesn’t allow us to make it bigger. On a side note, we are working hard on going native (away from Air) as fast as we can, and this might help us extending the canvas. :slight_smile:

You could also split your content, and for example make the lowest level appearing in another Site Map control next to the first one. I understand this might not be an ideal workaround, but still worth mentioning.