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[Feature Request] Add Toggle Uppercase/Lowercase For Text Elements


At times, I find it necessary to change an entire text element to either uppercase or lowercase. Though at the moment, I have to double-click the element, select the text and retype it.

Slightly tedious.



Thanks for the request. This doesn’t seem like a common need, but FWIW, I admit that from time to time I’ll need it when I’m working in other tools and usually do it in my code/text editor, Atom. In the future when the app is a native Mac app, we’ll get the built in benefit of OS X of the Right Click / Context Menu’s Transformations option for text. In Native apps, that menu has upper/lower/capitalize.

If others would like to see this feature, please let us know (or add your Like/Heart vote above) to help us prioritize this request.



Please tell me that Balsamiq will not end up as an OS X-only app! :frowning:

Groups such as Affinity & Bohemian Coding has seen to it that a lot of designers (who form part of the 92% of OS users who use Windows) are left out to dry while a small minority enjoys the luxuries of the software said groups develop, not to mention features nowhere to be seen in any Adobe products.

Thank you for the reply.


Definitely not, we’re looking to going native on all major platforms.


I love you guys.



I would use this feature all the time but I’d also like to be able to select title case as well.