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[Feature request] Adjustable width of columns in data-tables / data-grids

When working with data-tables / data-grids it would be great to be able to adjust the width of columns and/or lock the width of specific columns within a table/grid.
In order to reserve some space for additional controls at the moment there are only options available like hitting the space bar several times or duplicate the element and flush the content.
Adjustable widths could solve this issue and could be achieved with a new markup like


Alternatively the “Info”-section shows all columns defined and offers fields for each column where the size can be defined.
Then if there is nothing defined it behaves as known today, width relative to content. If one column is defined, the other columns have relative width and so on…

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Hi @mark_4x4 and thanks for sharing some details about your need.

We do plan on looking at ways to improve the Data Grid in the near future and I’ll add your vote for this specific feature.

You probably use those existing options already but I thought I’d share this page in case you don’t: Editing Controls - Balsamiq for Desktop Documentation | Balsamiq


Thanks so much for your quick response. I appreciate your thoughts on this issues. The editing controls are helpful in some cases but are still relative. When it comes to more complex grids with different contents in order to demonstrate filtering capabilities for example the sizes change and don’t fit to a custom header anymore.

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