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Feature request: Align text in Popover object


In the popover (balloon) control, all text is forcefully centered. I would like to have the option of Left aligned text.



Hey Ryan,

have you tried combining a popover with a text object? You could resize it, until both have the same size and then align the text like you want it to.

Kind Regards


Yes, have done that in the meantime and grouped. Requesting for future convenience.

I’d also like to see border on/off properties added to more rectangle/text objects as I often forget which one to use =)


Hi @Ryan,

Thanks for reaching out about this.
We’ve been discussing this one in the past so I’ve added your vote for it to our internal tracker. This will help us prioritizing the request for the future.

About the no border option, would you mind letting us know which control is missing it for you? We’ll do our best to help with this! :slight_smile:


I’d like to see border options (square, rounded, off) added to Text Area, so that I don’t have to combine Rectangle + Text.


Hi Guys,

I’d also like to see the popover feature developed a little – not only to allow text aligning, but to accommodate longer text strings. I’d love if the popover had the same controls as the standard ‘shape’ element.

The reason is, I use the popover to add annotations to my wireframes. I’m aware that there are other ways to do this, like sticky notes, but I like that I can point the popover at specific items on the screen.