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Feature Request: Allow Inspector width to be adjustable


The Inspector that appears docked on the right-hand side of the screen is currently fixed-width. In a complex project, mockup names often get quite long to make different but related mockups clearly distinguished. Often the first 20 or more characters are the same on multiple entries. Because of the fixed width of the Inspector window, setting links is often difficult to get right. It certainly slows the process down and often results (for me at least) in incorrect links being set.

I would like to request that the Inspector be user resizable with respect to it’s width, with the user’s setting being retained for at least the remainder of the session. A sensible minimum width setting value would also be a good idea to keep it from being set too narrow.

Thank you.


We hear you, @pshaffer. We have been brainstorming ways to handle long mockup names.

I’ll make sure your ideas are shared with the team too! We want to do better here.