[Feature request]: Allow translucency, and shadow properties for rectangles


Hi Balsamiq team,

Is it possible to add a translucency and shadow property for rectangles? Translucency would be great for achieving the “arcrylic” effect in fluent design, and shadow will give a convenient way of portraying depth in our wireframes.



Hi @jedicry,

For the translucency, have you tried to play with the opacity setting, as shown below?

For the shadow effect, what about using a second rectangle and play with the opacity setting once more, would that achieve your need or do you need more?

We’re always happy to discuss feature requests but in this case, I’m wondering if those options could do the trick. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help!


Hi @Virgin,

I am aware of the opacity setting, however the effect I am after is a bit different. I would like to blur or diffuse the light from the background on the surface of the rectange. See below for example.

Thanks for the suggestion for the shadow!


Hi @jedicry,

Thanks for the follow-up - I understand.

I think, right now, that the opacity property on the controls is as close as we’re going to get to this requirement given our focus on low-fidelity wireframes intended to create informal visual representations, communicate general design concepts and help with idea generation.

Maybe not the answer you were looking for but hopefully being able to adjust the opacity will suffice.

Happy wireframing!