[Feature Request] Always visible comment callouts


A “nice to have” feature request…

The Cloud comments feature seems to be a great way to add extra text about how a wireframe is supposed to work, or to record why it was designed the way it was. I envisage this as a way of writing “spec”, to be later used by someone doing the implementation or a higher fidelity prototype (with the replies being a good way for that person to ask questions etc)

Ideally for this workflow you would be able to have comment callouts always be visible on the wireframes, and for the corresponding comment to be highlighted/selected when you hover/click the callout. This way it makes it easier to see which bits of the wireframe have extra text to read, rather than having to read through all the comments and figure out which relate to the bit of the wireframe you’re interested in. Basically the reverse of the current behaviour where hovering over the comment shows the callouts.


Similarly would be useful a way to export callouts and comments with the wireframes.

Maybe what I’m actually asking for is a way to use callouts with the Notes feature? Though I see the ability to have a conversation, as you can in callouts, as valuable for clarifying spec points.


Hi @richardl,

Those are interesting requests and I’ve added your vote for each one since it has been requested by some users already.

If others would find those useful, please add a comment or like this post to prioritize them.

Thanks for sharing your needs, Richard! :slight_smile: