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Feature Request: Animations


Hello balsamicians,

for a new project I checked out UXPin and I really like that you are able to do animations.
But I have worked for about 5 years with Balsamiq now and I am so used to the work flow and I love the update to Mockups 3… But animations are a big topic for me now…
But, to give you guys some credit, you can’t zoom in UXPin which makes this software horrible to work with :smiley:

Can I haz animations please?


Hi @ArcticMe,

Thanks for keep using our tool and the kind words, we truly appreciate it! :grinning:

Are you looking for animated images, like GIFs or animated PNGs?
That is not something we can include in our tool for now as Flash does not support it but this will be something to consider in the future.

Just so you know, we are working hard on going native as fast as we can! It is a huge project for our small team but it will then allow for more possibilities like the one you mentioned.

In case you are looking deeper animations/interaction, please have a look at this page where we detail our view on the topic:

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming! :wink:


Hey Virgin, thanks a lot for the reply.
I meant the deeper interactions and animations you mentioned in the blog post. But gifs would be a good way to work around, to be honest.

What do you mean by going native?

Except for animations, the software has everything I want (okay not everything, free rotation would be nice :smile: ) but I use it way more often than Photoshop, if something has to be done quickly. The alignment options make balsamiq really fast and, which is even more important, clean to work with.
I even make presentations with balsamiq, because the layering and editing of “pages” is easier for me.


Hi Dominik,

Glad to hear that Mockups 3 seems to be nicely integrated in your daily work!

Going native is having our tool independent and not needing Adobe Air alongside anymore. A huge project indeed but plenty of benefits!

I added your vote for GIFs, that will help us prioritize it in the future.

I also added your request for animations so we can further discuss and consider it internally. As always, if others would like this feature please add your like/heart or comment here. :wink:


Was hoping for animations as well. What I was looking to do was animate a button/icon and add a transition the way I can in MS PPT.