[Feature Request] Arrow Enhancements

I just learned today (after being a user since around 2013) that you can double-click on an arrow to force it to a right angle. (Yes, I am bad about reading posts in this forum.) That is a cool find for me. However, would it not make sense to just add that choice here?

2022-02-11 08_31_06-Settings

Also, I would love an option to set the line thickness of the lines and possibly arrow heads. I use Balsamiq for a lot of flowcharting, and that is one graphic I constantly import. Either fixed (thin, medium, thick) or a specific weight. The current arrow is great in some applications, but some flexibility would make it more powerful.

Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Hello @Michael_O_Flaherty - welcome!

Better support for Line/Arrow thickness is a request we’ve seen before. I’ll go ahead and add your feedback to our tracking. Thanks so much, my friend!

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