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[Feature Request] Arrow for Comment Control



Thank you for your great product. I use it every day. There is one little improvement I would like to have.

Please add an arrow to the “Comment” control. If I add descriptions to my Mockup the comment hides an area of my Mockup. I have added a Mockup to show what I mean.
The red “Comment” is copied form a Screenshot Tool called “Screenpresso”. You can try the behaviour of this control an in my Option it is easier to use than the Balsamiq one.



Hi @Bernd,

That’s an interesting request, thanks for sharing your need on this one. :slight_smile:

I’ve added it to our tracker and we’ll review it with the team. As always, please like this post if you’d like to see this feature too.

Also, you may find the tooltip feature useful in the meantime. You can even make a Markup element out of it if needed.