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[feature request] - Arrow, Rectangle, Line


Hello Balsamiq,

it would be great if you could consider following things to implement…


  • it’s really pain in the ass to use this tool since I need to make some diagrams sometimes
  • mainly the need to change arrow direction when I want to rotate the arrow more than 90° - it’s just WEIRD
  • possibility to change the arrow’s thickness would be also great since there’s no Line symbol (see below) and Rectangle symbol is very limited (see below)
  • default (and only) thickness of Arrow is too much - it would be helpful to start at 1px thickness as with the other symbols


  • minimal size of 10 pixels is very limiting mainly when it’s not possible to use Line (missing) or Arrow (insufficient) symbol instead


  • Line symbol is definitely the very basic symbol for creating ANY diagram or mockup and yet it’s missing in Balsamiq. I don’t get it…
  • simple Line symbol or just updated Arrow would be enough.

So, what do you think, guys?

[feature request] color setting for Progress bar, H. rule, V. rule

Hey @Vaclav_Kocian,

I’m sorry you are frustrated with Arrows - they are quickly becoming the control that people think needs the most love. We are discussing how we can make arrows better for you guys and I’ve included your feedback in that discussion thread.

You can, however, use the arrow to make a line. All you need to do is remove the heads of the arrow by de-selecting them in the inspector:

There is also a horizontal rule and vertical rule (search for rule in the quick add) if you don’t need any angle in your line.

Does that work for you? Keep the feedback coming because we want to make arrows better for everyone. If anyone else has arrow suggestions, post them here and we will track them!


Hi @Brendan_Saricks,

yeah, of course I know the possibility of removing arrows but in the end you have only ugly, unusable and 2px thick line which is very hard and unpleasant to move around since you need to change the direction to be able to rotate it freely.

So at the end of the day I would be super happy to have just the LINE symbol instead the Arrow, Horizontal rule and Vertical rule with following possibilities:

  • default line thickness 1px
  • possibility to set line thickness instead of dimensions (settings of the dimensions for the arrow right now really doesn’t make any sense!)
  • possibility to freely manipulate the line around without need to change the stupid direction
  • possibility to turn on/ff the arrows at both sides.
  • possibility to move the line’s label around


Ah, gotcha.

I’m not sure we would add a line control in addition to the arrow control (since they both accomplish the same goal) but making these enhancements to the arrow control might help usability. I’ve added all your points to the feature tracker now, @Vaclav_Kocian, and we will discuss them!

Thanks again for taking the time to toss these requests our way.


Hey guys, is there a line tool yet?


Hey @Rufus_Casey!

We are working on revamping the arrow/line tool as we speak. We should have some news to share in the next week or two!

Thanks for checking in on this :smile:


great, I’m looking for some news!


Hi @Vaclav_Kocian and @Rufus_Casey ,

Great news! We just released our latest official version (3.3.1) including a huge improvement of the Arrow control!

You no longer have to fiddle with weird property inspectors about direction and curvature, you can simply drag the ends where you want them to be, and drag the middle control point to specify the curvature.

Thanks again for your feedback @Vaclav_Kocian! :smile:

You can get the new version (3.3.1) here:

And the complete release notes (including some nice videos about the new arrows) are here:


Nice! Good job, guys!


Wow, the new version is beautiful. The way you implemented the arrow is great.
Just how I would use it by intuition! :clap: :smile:


Hi, is there anyway to make the line thinner, as said above the minimum thickness is still to high to make fine detailed designs or separators. Also is there any way to change a containers border thickness?


We’re trialling the Jira integrated version of Balsamiq and was really struggling with using the line tool. Found this thread, downloaded the app and indeed the desktop version of the application is 110% fantastic using the arrow/line tool.

Are there plans/a timeline with which to bring the nicely behaving lines into the Jira server version of the software?



Hey Chris,

Bringing Mockups 3 (and the new arrows) to JIRA and Confluence server is something we are investigating right now. It’s going to be a little tricky, but we think we will be able to do it.

I don’t have a time-table for you, but we will hopefully be talking more about it soon.

Sorry for the wait, my friend. But it will be worth it :slight_smile:


Hi, new to here and to Balsamic, but liking it. My one little gripe is the lack of a way to draw a simple line!
I know you can draw an arrow and amputate the arrowhead, but I’d like to be able to adjust the thickness of the line/arrow.

Is this possible please?



Hey @alinton! I’m really glad you are digging Mockups :).

You can use a rectangle control with a black background to create a thicker line. (If you’re using the sketch skin, you may want to make it borderless as well.)

It does have a minimum height/width of 10px, so you wouldn’t be able to go smaller than that, but it should give you a bit more granularity when it comes to sizing your lines.

Let me know if that works for you!


Hi, and thanks! But its a thinner line I need!


Just started using Balsalmiq. Like it so far, but have to say am very surprised there is no line tool.
So count me as somebody who would also very much like to see it added.
Also surprised that Grouping items can’t be done with a right click. Seems odd.


I like the idea of adding grouping to the context menu, @digsafe.

You can use the arrow control as a line as well. Were you looking for a more robust line control like Alinton was above?


Hello guys,

I believe that the difficulty of not having a practical and versatile line would be overcome if we could type the angle of inclination with respect to the central axis of the arrow created.
Right now I’m having a lot of difficulties not having a line and because of this I found this forum.

Balsamiq is amazing, very thanks!