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Feature Request: Auto-Fit


When reviewing documents, it would be great if we had an option to auto-fit (or auto actual-size) the doc in the viewer. I find myself doing a “Ctrl+0, Ctrl + 1” on each page to get a clean view.

This would not be desirable when alternating between two mockups during editing, but when running through pages (Ctrl+PgDn) this would be great!

Thanks again for the awesome tool!


Hello Peter, have you tried looking through in full-screen mode instead? You can switch between auto-size and actual-size with the Z key there, and go through mockups with a simple PgDn and PgUp.

Let us know if this helps!


Thank you for the suggestion. Full screen view is helpful in some scenarios (I hadn’t used it before your suggestion), but I would still personally prefer to have the option during editing if possible.