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Feature Request - Auto-number generator for text


I’ve found it very helpful to number various parts of my mockup. This makes it much easier to communicate with my team.

For example, my mockup may have labels like this:

“1.02 - Make sure the text here is bold.”
“1.03 - Only allow 0-15”.

Unfortunately, doing this manually can be a pain. It’s a bit tedious and I sometimes forget and type the same number twice.

It would ROCK if Balsamiq could generate these numbers for me.

So if I type this:

“## - Make sure the text here is bold.”
"## - Only allow 0-15"

Balsamiq would display this:

“01 - Make sure the text here is bold.”
“02 - Only allow 0-15”.

Just a thought.


Hey Josh!

This is actually something we have been discussing implementing. We’d like to be able to do it for numbers, names, etc. - a quick way to generate dummy data.

Your use seems a bit more focused regarding the numbers that would be returned, but it’s something we can add to the discussion!

We are in the process of rewriting all of our apps to take advantage of native technologies, but this is something that will be back on the table after that. If other folks would find this useful, like or reply to this page.

Thanks again, Josh :slight_smile: Great idea!


Hi there,
please add my vote for this feature :slight_smile:


I had to do something similar with a checkbox group yesterday to fill up a screen, although I didn’t have to append any text afterwards. Something like this might have saved 30 seconds:

Name 1
Name 2

Would result in

PS you guys really have to get rid of that tooltip :unamused:


I was just submitting this idea too, though perhaps a little simpler. When copying a callout on a mockup and pasting it, it would save a lot of time for me if the number auto-incremented. Thanks! CopyingAndPasting


Hi @moflaherty,

Thanks for the post. That’s a great suggestion and I’ve added it to our tracking for consideration.


I would encourage you to include alpha characters too : A -> B -> C / a -> b -> c