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[Feature Request] Automated Stack Management/Grouping

User Story: As a Designer, I do not want to worry about pushing elements back and forth to avoid overlapping when rearranging elements.

Possible Solution: Implement an auto-grouping that arranges the stack so that small elements dropped on larger ones will be automatically be grouped with them or at least pushed to the front. and figma are doing it for their art boards (or equivalents thereof); the draw2d library has a similar function called “raft”. My little tool quick mockup does this, too – have a try; I find it really nice for smooth designing.

Hi @jdittrich and thanks for the post.

This is an interesting suggestion and one that I am surprised we’ve not heard before. I’m sure you know this but we do support grouping of controls - we just don’t do it automatically.

In any case, I have written up an internal ticket for discussion, consideration and to track this. If anybody else reading this likes the idea, please comment in this thread and I’ll add your votes in support.

p.s. I had a play with it and your ‘quick mockup’ page is great!

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yes – it is the common way that most vector drawing applications seem to do it – illustrator, inkscape etc.

Nice. The method lends itself well for quick and visual work which does not require complex or abstract mental models (like “objects can be grouped and each group has an internal z-stack”) and I think it would fit balsamiq greatly.

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