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Feature Request: Automatic Date Update


I want to be able to put a date into my Mockups and have it automatically update the date and time when I make changes to that specific slide. Would save me from having to manually remember to update the date when I go to export a Mockup.

%LastEditDateTime% ?


Having a date macro isn’t a bad idea, @dg31415. I’ll talk to the dev team about it!

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


I should have searched before posting… basically a dup of Feature Request: Print date on mockup pdf – thanks!


I gave this some thought…

Date formats are a pain in the ass. Rather than give someone unlimited options… just 2:

{modified-date} – suggest the output be something like `2017 Feb 03 @ 13:45" (no confusion globally what that means)… but a bit unwieldily.

{modified-version} – for those who aren’t satisfied with the date being what it is… have the output be like v20170203.1354… I can’t think of a good way to do simplified versions – every time it auto-saves or you make a change it’ll just add another number and you’ll be up to v900 in the span of an hour of editing…

I think that would solve all use cases I can think of without requiring people to know Linux (or any other) time formatting.