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[Feature request] Automatic line breaks in data grids


Is there any reason we have to enter line breaks manually in data grids? Would it be possible to automatically wrap across multiple lines if column widths are narrow?

I’m sure this must have come up before but I search didn’t turn up anything.


Hi again @rynooo,

You’re right, this one has been requested by some users already so I’ve added your vote for this in our internal tool to help us prioritize it.

We are trying to select carefully which feature to add to the Data Grid control since it is already one of the most complex control in our tool.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.


I think automatic line breaks in data grids would be a very useful feature. So I vote for this, too! :raising_hand_woman:


I too would appreciate either automatic text wrapping or automatic truncation with ellipsis when a grid control column is too narrow to display the full content.


Hello again @Jenni_Merrifield,

I have logged the request. Thanks again for the feedback and the use case.