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[Feature request] Autonumbering of eksported .png's


When exporting a lot of mockups to .png, it would be nice if the order in Balsamiq was preserved in the output. E.g. each output file was prepended with a number like “01_filename.png”, “02_filename.png” etc.

This should probably be a setting upon export.

Export to PNG - Page num in file name?

Hi @Andreas_Ibsen,

Thanks for sharing your suggestion today, I’m adding your vote for the request. This will help us to prioritize the request for the future.

Please keep the ideas coming, that helps us a lot! :slight_smile:


I like this idea and have been manually doing it when pressing Ctrl+R (except when I forget).

I’d like to add to the suggestion to add secondary numbers for indented pages.

01 New Mockup 1.png
01_01 New Mockup 2.png
02 New Mockup 3.png


I like this idea a lot too, but I’m not sure there is a way to do it given the current setup.

When we add a mockup, we don’t have an option to add it as a nested mockup, so the app wouldn’t know whether or not to give it a secondary number.

Are you suggesting that the number be added once you indent the mockup?

Let me know because I dig this idea; I am just having trouble working out the details.


I think you have misunderstood me Brendan. No action required when adding or nesting a mockup.

Only when exporting to PNG (Ctrl+R), check the order/position/indent of the selected mockup and generate a prefix number to reflect that. That way if I export a bunch of mockups they’ll appear in the same order in Windows Explorer.


Doh. :upside_down:

I see now, Ryan. Thanks for clarifying that. I’ll get it added to the story about this. :slight_smile: