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FEATURE REQUEST: balsamiq for confluence/Jira



would it be possible to allow importing custom icons into balsamiq for confluence/jira? The stock icons are great but often I need something special or want to see if my icons work.

Thank you!


Hey @pDiem

We have pretty major Confluence and Jira updates in the works for Atlassian Cloud users, and this feature is one of the many we are adding. We don’t have a solid time table on its release, but it should be by the end of the year.

In the interim, if you attach the icons to the page as images, you can use the images in your mockup.

We will be issuing a minor update for Cloud and non-Cloud users in the next few days (barring Atlassian approval issues) that will include the Font Awesome icon set ( Check it out; it may have some of the special icons you are looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input, pDiem, and please keep the ideas coming!



Will these features allow for a tighter integration? As I understand the process right now, is I have to export as BMML Zip then copy and paste XML. It doesn’t necessarily allow for a mutli-mockup project. I’d love to see this enhanced.


Hey @sharris!

Funny you should ask. I’m actually standing at our Atlassian Summit 2015 booth as we speak, demoing the new version of Confluence and Jira (if you’re here, come by and say “hi”!)

The new versions of Jira and Confluence will use the BMPR project file that our Mockups for Desktop and Mockups for Google drive use.

You’ll be able to just upload a BMPR to your Confluence page, or Jira Issue, and it will be viewable (and editable) from that page.

Because I have it open, here is what it the updated version will look like in Jira:

And here it is on a Confluence Page:

You can get into the editor directly from those pages, and it looks exactly like it does on Desktop.

I’m not sure when these version will be ready, but we are hoping it’s soon. Waiting on Atlassian for a couple of things.

But yeah, sorry if this response is somewhat disjointed. If you’re here, come down to the booth and I’ll give you a demo! :slight_smile:


AWESOME. We love your tool…and we are just getting started on JIRA…so we are excited to marry them more closely.