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[Feature request] Breadcrumb colour and controls


Please could we have control of the colour of the breadcrumb in the element inspector? This is so that I can control the text colour easier than using mark up and also control the colour of the > separators in the breadcrumb.


Hi Dan,
We’re actually planning to add color options for several more controls soon, probably including the breadcrumb control, so stay tuned for this.

Thanks for the suggestion,

  • Leon


Cheers Leon. Much appreciated.


Hi @Dan,
I just found out that UTF-8 codes work in Balsamiq as well. So when you really need to change the color of the whole breadcrumb, it’s possible to use just any text widget and insert this symbol: ›.
It’s a bit smaller than the original breadcrumbs, but maybe in some cases that could help, e.g. when you have a dark background. It looks like that:


Also would like to the ability to turn off the underlining. Links should be link color and the separators another color.