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Feature request: Broken link summary view?


sometimes - with more involved mockups - i only discover there are broken links later than i’d like. is there any value in having something which shows the number of broken links and where they exist? obviously this is a well-used Adobe function and it may be too much complexity when I appreciate you’re trying to keep the product simple and/or already have a pipeline of more urgent stuff. or it may already be there and i’ve missed it. cheers.



Hi @nickdagreek, this could be something we can add to the Project Information panel. I’ll add it to our “to consider” list! :smile:

If anyone else wants this feature, comment here!



Love this idea! I never realize how many broken links I have until I’m at the point of thinking I’m finished.



Sounds like a good idea to me too!



Please provide this feature. I had to go through all the screens to verify if I may have broken any links by renaming a screen or some other changes.

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Its been a while that this feature is requested…and I vote for it …very badly needed …will save many personnel hours (I dont see that we have it yet)

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That would be a great feature. I rearranged my (>80 mockup) project and had to delete one mockup. Afterwards I had some broken links and had to check my mockups.



Hi @Peldi, I have a slightly different idea for this that may help resolve this problem.

At the moment, there is a little red arrow icon on the mockup to indicate each link.

What if you used a different link icon colour to indicate broken links? How about using green as the default arrow colour, and a red arrow only for broken links?




Edit: Sorry, I just tested and realised you are already doing something like this – a red triangle for the broken links and a red arrow for the good links.

Now I feel silly! How did I not notice this? Or maybe a different colour for the good links would help call out the difference?



Hey @MikeH,

Hope you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the misleading experience with this one. We’ve been talking about it before so I’ve added your comments to the discussion to see where that leads. We’d like to avoid any confusion with this.

Please keep the ideas coming, that’s always super helpful and appreciated here!



Thanks @Virgin, most appreciated!


[Feature Suggestion] Summary of Controls/Other mockups linking to A Mockup

I would find this feature (broken link summary) very useful as well. Thanks for considering it!

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this would be a huge time & frustration saver.

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Sorry for dredging this thread up after so long, but I want to add my +1 to this idea.

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