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Feature Request: Button Bar / Link Bar / Navigation => all need a pull down menu


Since I got such nice responses on my last FR I’d thought I’d chip in once more and ask for a feature that I need too: although the Button Bar, Link Bar work nicely, what I need is a Drop Down menu as is used in the ComboBox. For my website I noticed the initial bar was getting too long, so I decided to make a Drop Down.

That basically leaves me no other choice than to misuse the Combo Box… It does the trick but it’s not looking so good…

Hope you like the request.



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Hey Peter, long time no chat! :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to share a screenshot so I can understand better what you’re looking for. The Combo Box control comes with a static down down menu option. Were you looking for more interactivity?

When you have a moment, let us know! :+1:

Hi, yes… when I get excited about something I like to contribute. So don’t be surprised if I start sending more Feature Requests etc. your way :smile:

I’m not looking for interactivity perse. The combo box has the options I need (open/closed/disabled)
I need to be able to highlight choices I made to show where in the sitemap I am.

Sure, where can I send the screen shot?



You have come to the right place, feature requests are our lifeblood!

Shoot me an email at and let’s see if we can’t get that combo box to do what you need :smiley:

I believe this the type of “selected” option in the combo box another dropdown in the ComboBox options panel would provide:

Great idea Peter! Would be able to demonstrate limited interactivity without venturing too far.


Hi @Wynnefield,

I added your vote for this in our internal tracker to help us prioritize the request.

I am pretty sure you know the work around for now but let’s share it with everyone. :smile:

You can display the selection in the ComboBox or any other control by adding a borderless rectangle and setting its opacity to 25%, then you only need to select the color you need.

Thank you for sharing the work around @Virgin … and for adding my vote for this feature.


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I was thinking more in the line of:

(in red square)

This type of drop down from a button/navigation bar is quit common.



Hi Peter,

Thanks for detailing your need on this.

You can actually achieve this by adding a “Menu” control and combine it to the control you need. See the below example using the “Button Bar” control.

Would that work for you? Please let us know what you think about it. :smile:

Really like the SAMR page … colorful, yet clean smart design. Yet I would define this as more of a “visual concept” rather than a wireframe and well beyond the needs of Balsamiq Mockup … unless of course, you refer to the “sketch” stage prior to the color-filled snapshot above. Please help me understand if I have missed something in your example?

My apologies if getting a bit off topic, as well.

Yep… mayor missing of point going on here @Wynnefield :wink: … I was referring to the menu which has a pull down and it’s in the red square I drew around the example website.

@Virgin I will look into it. (I use the online mock up version of the Balsamiq. I think the work around would work… but it’s still a work around.

Hi guys,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.5) including our revamped ComboBox control!

Thanks again for sharing your ideas about it!

You can get the new version (3.3.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here: