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Feature Request: Centered Grid


One of the things that truly annoys me is that you seem not to be able to center elements in your view that are somewhere far left or far right. This is due to the fact that balsamiq is left and top alligned, compared to Photoshop which has a centered workspace you can freely revolve around.

Could you please make it possible to go everywhere without limit, when pressing SPACE + Left Mouse Button, dragging around the screen?


Hi again @ArcticMe,

This behavior is related to the maximum size for each Mockups canvas being 4056x4056 pixels, which is a limitation from Adobe AIR.

Again, going native could help here by allowing a larger/infinite canvas on which you could easily center any element, regardless his position on the canvas.

Thanks again for the feedback! I added your comment in our internal tracker to help us prioritize it for the future.


I hope you understood what I meant here, but the centering of the objects has nothing to do with the canvas size, which is… not perfect but fine for me to work with. :wink:

In photoshop the canvas is not aligned to anything, so I can easily drag my view to the top left screen and change pixels there.

This is not possible in balsamiq. My workaround, so far, has been to put one object in the bottom right corner to be able to move somewhat free around with my view.


Thanks for detailing your need with the screenshots @ArcticMe, sorry I missed it in the first place!

I added your feedback in our internal tracker so we can discuss it with the dev team and see if that’s something we could implement in the future. :wink: