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[Feature Request] Centralized Symbols


Having recently moved to Balsamiq Cloud I found myself breaking down massive projects into smaller ones in order to better leverage the sharing capabilities. Fortunately, through cloning and cleaning up I managed to maintain the Symbol across all projects.

It would be awesome if I could keep a central repository of Symbols that are shared by the Projects I choose. I presume this could mean that Symbols made of components that link to a specific mockup would not work properly but my feeling is not being able to define shared symbols with links is not that a big deal cmpared to the advantage of maintaining just one set of symbols.

Apologies for my grammar…

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That’s another one we’ve been discussing for a while, @Yorgos, so I’m adding your vote for it.

In the meantime, you can move symbols across projects or create a template project where you keep those up-to-date, as detailed here.




I think I’ve already asked for this in another topic but can’t remeber; Is there a place where I can see the development roadmap and release notes of latest versions?



Hi Yorgos ,

Release notes are available here:
They are not very detailled but at least they exist for some major improvements.

I don’t think there is something like a public roadmap.


Sorry @Yorgos, it looks like we’ve missed your post. :frowning:

Release notes are definitely something we are looking at for the future. As I mentioned on this post, Balsamiq Cloud is still very new so it’s a little difficult right now because we are releasing fixes constantly, but we’ll work on those!