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[Feature Request] Change form control type on the fly


Hi guys,

i think it would be nice if I could change form controls on the fly. Quite often I’d like to change a text field into a combobox (or vice versa) and sometimes even in a Search field or radio buttons. Therefore it would be helpful to change the control on the fly like i can do it with Icons. The same would be helpful for Labels and Text.

Thanks for thinking about it


Hi @baak,

Thanks for getting in touch about this today!

Actually, we recently implemented a transform feature which would allow you to achieve this, as shown below:

Are you running the latest version (3.3.9) of our little tool? You can download it here if needed.

Please let us know if you can think of any transform suggestion that is missing for a specific control, David. We can always add some! :slightly_smiling:


Great. That’s it! thx!


Oh - wow. Learn something new everyday. I completely missed this feature when it was released.