Feature Request: Clean presentation share link

As a product manager I want to be able to create a share link that immediately opens the presentation mode, so that I do not have to explain to stakeholders how they start the interactive mode, hide annotations etc. The mockups I create are sometimes taken into customer interview sessions to gather feedback and they are not always savvy in using Balsamiq. Therefore it would be nice to create a share link where I can define the settings and it immediately starts the presentation mode for the people opening it.

Hi @fso

The Direct Link in Full Screen Presentation Mode should do what you’re looking for i.e. opens your project in Full Screen Presentation Mode, with the settings that you previously selected.

Which link are you using?

Wow, how did I miss this :slight_smile: I always used the share button at the top right, completely overlooked the sharing options from within the full screen mode.
:exploding_head: So basically this feature already exists, nice :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!

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