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[feature request] color setting for Progress bar, H. rule, V. rule


Hello Balsamiq,

for the symbols Progress bar, H. rule V. rule, H. splitter, V. splitter it would be really great to have the possibility to set the color of this symbol.

This feature request is little bit connected to my yesterday’s request:

In the end I would be super happy if you introduce one powerful LINE symbol instead all these half-done and really-hard-to-use symbols like H. rule, V. rule, Red X and Arrow…


Hey again @Vaclav_Kocian!

I have added the color picker option for the Progress Bar and V.Splitter to our tracker so that the team can talk it over.

As for the H.Rule and V.Rule, they already have a color picker built in.

Were you looking for some additional functionality? Let me know, and keep the ideas coming! :smile:


Hi @Brendan_Saricks,

strange, I’m quite convinced that there were no color picker for rulers when I was wiriting the post :smiley:
ok, thank you.

I’m creating a lot of diagrams these days so I think I’ll send you some more ideas…