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[Feature request] Consistent features for text and other properties


Lack of consistency in Mockups is annoying.

  • Each control with text should have the very same text properties (color, size, alignment)
  • Each control with border should have a color setting (e.g. icon, grid)
  • Each control with a (background) area should have color and transparency settings

I don’t use colors very often. But each time I need them, I now its a real pain.

Try to mockup the following examples:

  • two application windows, one active, one not active
  • red text on green background w/o border
  • red warning icon with black label
  • blue brackets with green text
  • Web browser and window side by side, but both titles with larger fonts

I hope this gets improved with the next or the native version.


Hey Andi,

Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

This is something worth looking at after the native rewrite. I can’t make any promises, but we will have a look!