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[Feature Request] Copy-and-paste from Notes panel


I would like to be able to copy-and-paste notes that I have made in the Notes panel. Currently, the Copy command doesn’t work unless I first click on the Edit icon within the Notes panel. But I often want to copy text from the Notes panel to the clipboard without first editing the note.

Also, every time I switch between Balsamiq and another application, such as Word, the Balsamiq Note reverts back to non-edit mode, so I have to click on the Edit Note icon again every time that I switch back to Balsamiq.


Hey @bookgrrl!

Sorry for the trouble with this. I will see if there is anything we can do about leaving the notes editor open when you change app focus.

As for copying and pasting from the notes field, this should work, assuming I’m understanding correctly.

Are you seeing a different behavior? If so, I’d love to get some more information so we can get it fixed!

Thanks for the nudge on this stuff. Notes usability issues are not things we run into often, so it’s nice to get feedback!


That is indeed the behaviour I am seeing if I have remembered to first click on the Edit Note icon before attempting to copy-and-paste.

But in practice, what I have been doing repeatedly is selecting some of the text within the Note panel without remembering to first put the Note in edit mode, hitting CTRL+C, and then going to the Word document and hitting CTRL+V. When the paste doesn’t work, I go back and copy-and-paste, this time remembering to put the Note in edit mode. Then I go back to Balsamiq and select some more text from the Note panel, forgetting that the Note needs to be placed back in edit mode every time I lose the focus. And the cycle starts again.

I guess I have been unconsciously assuming that if the Select command works when the Note is not in Edit mode, then the Copy command will also work.


Yeah, keyboard shortcuts don’t work there. I’m sorry about that @bookgrrl.

Let’s see if we can do something about that :slight_smile:


Thanks for your prompt reply! :slight_smile:


Any update on a fix for this?


Hi @bookgrrl and @DYP,

Sorry for the lack of updates about this one. We recently fixed it and you can now use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy/paste notes even without editing the notes. Thanks again for the report!

You can grab the latest version (3.4.2) here.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Virgin !


Sorry but using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V still does not work in v. 3.4.2



Sorry but I was referring to v.3.4.2 on my Mac.

So Cmd+C and Cmd+V don’t work as copy/paste.




Sorry for the confusion with this one @DYP.

CMD+C and CMD+V should work when you’re not editing the notes and copy/pasting directly (using version 3.4.2) but you’re right, this still does not work if you are editing the notes and using the keyboard shortcuts from there. Fortunately, this bug is already fixed in our latest beta version available here:

Just the usual word of caution: as this is a pre-release version, we don’t recommend using it on mission-critical work. The fix will be included in the next official version too.


Thank you! Appreciate the quick response.

Will give it a shot tonight.