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[Feature request] Copy from one project to another (From one tab to another)


Please! that would be so handy feature!


Hi @kotekhutsishvili

Tricky one… Thanks to the Flash Player sandboxes this is not easily done. I hand your request on but it might be that this request stays open until we have the native version of the editor.

Here are two workarounds for the time being.

  1. Export the mockup that you want to copy to JSON. Access the second project. Add a new mockup. Import the Mockup JSON. Please note that assets and symbol references do not get carried along with this approach.
  2. If you have the desktop version you can open the projects with Balsamiq Mockups 3. You can drag the mockups from one project to the other. All assets and symbol sources get imported as well. If you want to use this approach I advise you to use the prerelease version because it has a bugfix in this context.


I was using on my Google Drive and I was able to do copy/paste there.


We are working on ditching the Flash Player for this and many other reasons. does not run inside the Flash Player. On a quick glance it looks like html5 and javascript.


Please Please Please ditch outdated Flash!
Also, is there any way to have multiple .bmpr’s access the same asset files so I don’t have to ‘upload’ them into seperate projects multiple times?


Flash (and Air on desktop) is on it’s way out. Our developers are coding like crazy to get that to happen. We are moving to native in a BIG way.

As for the assets, @JeffB, we are still figuring out a good way to do site assets. That being said, one thing you could do is create an empty template project, with all the assets and symbols you would need across those projects, and then clone that project.

While it isn’t a great solution for dynamically updating assets and symbols, it may work in the interim.


Good to hear you’re moving away from Flash/Air. In the new version that would be a great feature to be able to create asset 'cache’s and link multiple .bmpr to the same cache.