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[FEATURE REQUEST] Create & name a group of wireframes within a project

There are many, many times when I am working in a project where I would love the ability to create a group of wireframes, name that group, then be able to expand/collapse that group. You see, when I am wireframing and creating many similar, yet slightly wireframes for specific requirements/stories this would come in handy. From keeping organized, to sharing with other collaborators and having them easily gain context into which story is which as the wireframe names are often cut short in a project (and not everyone loves tooltips). Additionally, this could easily be achieved through the current right click context menu, with options for Create group, add to group, etc…

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Hi @caseyzawadzki and welome to the forum!

Thanks so much for the message. It’s quite possible that our Hierarchy feature in the Navigator Panel does pretty much exactly what you need!


You can create child-parent relationships and the feature supports up to 5 levels of hierarchy:


Take a look at it and let us know what you think?

Thanks for the quick response Alasdair! I’m really not sure how I never knew about this feature, but this solves quite a lot for me! Only other thing that would be helpful is being able to name or have label applied to each hierarchy.

Hey @caseyzawadzki

It’s maybe not the ideal solution but you could simply add a blank ‘header’ wireframe and use that as the parent of a section, grouping related child wireframes under it like this: