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[Feature Request]Ctrl+Drag for Duplicate Ctrl+Shift+Drag for Duplicate and keep in line


There is often the situation to create a number of labels or other controls based on a first one. In PowerPoint Ctrl + Drag is my most used way of doing this. Combine it with Shift to keep the items vertically/horizontally aligned. Using Duplicate and then having to move it is much more complicated
This is my most missed feature in balsamiq.


Hi @Hermann,

Thanks for getting in touch about this!

You can actually use ALT+Drag to place the first duplicate item where you want it to be (the smart guides with help if item needs to be aligned). Then, using CTRL+D (or CMD+D on Mac) will use the same spacing for duplicating the next item as show below:

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you look for something different, we’re here to help! :smile:


Hi @Virgin,
thanks for the explanation. I had not found this approach previously. It does what I want.
However, there is a “standard” way in other programmes (basically all I know of in the Windows world), which is the “Ctrl” + Drag for duplicate. Maybe you want to allow this as well?


Totally see your point here @Hermann!

I’ve added your vote for this request in our internal tracker. That will help us to prioritize this one for the future.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.