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[Feature request] Decomposing prototype into storyboards

Hello! I’m posting it here, but it may be related to the Cloud as well.

When I’m discussing UX, I barely use a prototype. Instead of this everyone wants to see certain scenarios, CJMs, or storyboards in order to polish UX. But to maintain integrity and consistency the classic clickable prototype is obviously useful as well.

So, it would be great to create sequences of screens based on a prototype. The idea is to be able to switch focus between flow and screen modes.

  • Each sequence is placed on its own page and has the ability to comment on each screen from the sequence independently from the “asset” screen.
  • It would be even better if you could create such sequences by just “recording” your clicks through a prototype.
  • Actually, I already do this but not in Balsamiq. I have to export my mockups in another software (with unlimited canvas) and comment on them there. That is not a handy way.

What do you think?

Hi @vladsd,
I think I understand what you have in mind. We have been working on improvements to the prototype mode in Balsamiq Wireframes lately, but are prioritizing usability and ease of sharing for now. This feels like a more advanced workflow that might make our tool harder to use.

One thing that I do sometimes is record myself doing walkthroughs of different scenarios and then sharing those video files. This is a bit more work than being able to record sequences within the tool, but it is still fairly easy and quite effective. We are actually going to be writing about this in our newsletter this month - you can sign up here if you want - Balsamiq Company News | Balsamiq.

Another suggestion is to make a screen that shows all of the different flows in it, as described in our recent article about Wireflows - Wireframing User Flow with Wireflows | Wireframing Academy | Balsamiq.

Hope this helps,