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Feature Request: disable fullscreen presentation link hints fade-out



We recently upgraded from version 3.0.5 to 3.5.6 and noticed a new feature (from 3.1) where the links hints pink overlay will now fade out after a few seconds. Some of our users would prefer this feature to remain as it was before so the pink overlay would remain and not fade out.

So I would like to request a feature: a new option in the presentation mode settings where the fading behaviour can be chosen.




Welcome to our forums @Michael_Mangelschots!

Did your users notice that clicking on any empty areas of the mockup make the links flash again?

We’ll be happy to discuss your request with the team but I was wondering if this would take care of their need first.

Thanks for reaching out today! :slight_smile:


Hey Virgin,

Yes, we found that clicking will make the hint flash again, we will upgrade regardless of this change but some users would prefer the old way and permanently see the link hint, just like in the PDF export, so maybe this is a feature that could be added in the future.

Thanks for the quick reply.



Thanks for letting us know @Michael_Mangelschots.

I’ve added your request in our internal tracker. If others would find this option useful, please let us know by adding a comment or heart to this thread.