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[Feature Request] Display full path of mockup in window title bar


I have multiple versions of my mockups or slight variations of mockups in different directories or even different drives. It would be nice to be able to see this quickly in the title bar. Currently only part of the directory structure and the file name are listed. I would like to see this changed to show the full path and drive letter. Currently the only way to see this information is to go to Project -> Open Recent Project and look at the entry at the top of the list.


I suffer with this as well. I agree it would be nice to help me organise by revisions, however I am unsure if this is addressing the root issue, the lack of revision management within a project file?


Hey Guys!

This is definitely something we want to be doing. We do do it, but the display gets truncated after it hits a character limit.

I wonder if we can make that area that displays the path larger. I’ll find out!

As for version management, changes are coming here. This fall (fingers crossed) we will be adding a snapshot feature that will let you roll back to other versions of your project. That, with the help of alternates, should help alleviate the pain with versioning :smile:


I am voting for revision management. !!!


Hey @chagan. Mockups 3 for Desktop has a backup feature that may you help here. :slight_smile: