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Feature request: double-click for opening instead of renaming a mockup


Love your product and use it a lot. There’s only one function that I find annoying: double-clicking on the left is used to rename a mockup. Could you change it to use double-click for opening and the right-click menu for renaming a mockup (which is already implemented)? I think, it would be so much more intuitive and in line with other programs.


Hi @rkraft,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and for the kind words. :slight_smile:

I assume you are referring to double-clicking a mockup’s name from the Navigator.

Just to make sure: would you expect it to achieve the same action than a simple click?
Some users might rely on this one to rename a mockup but we also want to hear if this behavior causes any pain or confusion for folks.


Thanks for getting back so quickly, Virgin.

Yes, double-clicking a mockup’s name from the Navigator. I’m so used to double-click for opening files or features, in Windows, Email programs, IDE, etc. I noticed that newer programs often respond to single-click for opening, but they also don’t mind my old habit of double-clicking.

Disregard my request if I’m the only one; I almost got used to double-click + cancel :wink:


Are you using the thumbnail or text view for the mockups, @rkraft?

I use the text/list view, and you probably don’t want to hear this, but I have become used to double-clicking to rename so would not want to see it go. Of course Options/Preferences are the solution there.


I discovered the text view only two days ago and I like it much better. I’m less tempted to do the double-clicks and it’s much more compact when used with larger projects.

I agree, Options/Preferences would be the best solution. But since it doesn’t seem to be an issue for others, let’s just forget about my request. Thanks for sharing your view Ryan :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that the list view works better for you @rkraft.

That being said, we want to consider every request, and I’m adding this one to our internal tracker so that we can measure the need for it. If others would find this useful, please let us know.