Feature request: dragging multiple objects


When I select multiple objects and want to drag them, I have to start dragging from one of the objects, and starting the drag from “empty” space that looks like it’s part of the selected area, will deselect the objects and if there’s another, not selected object, under there then it will drag that object.

I find it very non-intuitive, and I’m constantly forgetting it and dragging wrong objects. Sometimes it’s not clear am I clicking on an selected object or empty space. If I have multiple small objects far from each other, it can be difficult to click the one small object instead of the huge empty space. Also, starting from one selected object feels like I’m dragging that one, and not all of them.

Making them a symbol is not feasible, because I’m not using this for ready and finished sets of objects, but instead in exploring phase: I try different kind of groupings in different kind of contexts and duplicate the view in some extent and modify some elements to compare them. So what I’m dragging is different every time and I need to do this for every mockup in different way.


Hi @elinake and sorry for the hassle with this.

I’ve just tried to replicate this but starting the drag action from an empty area (inside the rectangle selection) works fine on my end. Are you using any modifier key by any chance?

This one is actually the expected behavior. We made it this way because clicking that control/object corresponds to a new selection. Otherwise, this action would require an extra step and that would make the wireframing experience slower.

Another feature, that could be useful in those cases, allows you to lock some UI controls if needed. This way, you can define controls that you don’t want to be selectable.

Hope this helps! In case the first issue mentioned persists, please let us know which product/version you’re using and we’ll dig deeper.


It seems if the objects are on top of empty canvas, then the dragging works as expected, I didn’t notice that, thanks for the suggestion. But if there is an object under the selected items, for example browser object, which is not selected, then it will select that object.

I understand that clicking outside the rectangle selection, that would be a new selection. But if I click “empty” space inside the rectangle, and there is actually an object “under” the rectangle, then I will be dragging that object. That is kind of counter intuitive. But locking some objects would actually work in many of the cases I need dragging, thanks!