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[Feature Request] Dynamic Charts


Hi Balsamiq team!

Since I work a lot with data visualization, one of the features I would love Balsamiq to add is something more dynamic than the simple bar chart, line chart and pie chart shapes it has now. After all, you don’t just give us a picture of a table/grid, you let us add data, right? :smiley:

To explain better what I would like, I decided to create a prototype using Framer:

It is a little crude and buggy but it hopefully gets the idea across. Here is a video of how it is supposed to work:

Hopefully this gets my feature idea across better than a text explanation :smiley:


Hi @MikeH,

Thanks so much for the forum post and for taking the time to make the video - it’s very helpful.

Right now, we’re working hard to get the updated, native desktop apps out but we track all feature and update requests so I have added your vote in support of more dynamic chart controls to our tracking.

It may not be super helpful but don’t forget that, for now, you can always create a more complex or custom chart in your prefered charting app, save it as an image and import it into your wireframes:

Thanks again @MikeH!


Thanks Alasdair. Of course :slight_smile:

I guess my real point is that I just can’t find a “charting app” that does what I want – so I’d love if I could just do it in Balsamiq.


@MikeH, you can easily mimic charts with shapes / rectangles in Balsamiq, or just paste a chart as an image from Excel / Spreadsheets.

The left chart is built with rectangles in Balsamiq, the right one is an image copy-pasted from Spreadsheet:


Thanks @Alexey_Kolchenko – Yeah, haha you’re right of course, it’s easy to create custom rectangle sizes – but it get’s harder to simulate pie charts etc. :wink:

I still think there’s a feature gap here. I would love to be able to use Balsamiq to wireframe specific data visualisation concepts that I can share with my colleagues.

I have tried lots of things to meet my need, even buying a ‘chart pack’ for Balsamiq, but this has been quite limited:

I have resorted to using a plugin for Sketch:

Then I paste the resulting images back in from Sketch, but this process is a clunky workaround and not ideal. Sketch, for me, is for high-fidelity design, not wireframing.

@peldi @Mike copying you in case you are interested in how my real-word workaround process looks :wink:


@MikeH, from my experience, a tool frequently leads you. If Balsamiq would have advanced chart element, I’d defenitelly used it and would spent a lot of time.

Instead of diving into details, it’s better to present a couple of concepts to customer. And only when the customer choose the option, I’d use some tool to create hi-fi prototype.

This is how my process is organized, and it works )


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko – Sounds like you are a different persona with different use cases / needs to me :wink:


I want to join in and support the request for better charting options. Information design is an essential part in todays UX/UI landscape. I often need a way to quickly illustrate alternatives or new ways to present informations in charts (bar, line, pie…) and don’t want to take the cumbersome workarounds of photoshop, excel etc… I want a solution as quick and easy as drawing it on a sheet of paper - that is, how I understood Balsamiq so far, and what works great for me for the most part. So please add more geometric shapes (editable lines, custom shapes with fills and outlines etc.), so that we can quickly build innovative charts and info design without going into details (no spreadsheets needed). Thank you! Keep up the good work!


Thanks, @oduerr. We hear you.

As soon as the new desktop apps are out the door, we will start looking at features like this again. Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you would like to see this too. It helps!