Feature Request: Dynamic Links

With Balsamiq 3, and everything under one roof/project, I was thinking about a new way for links to work. As well as the existing link to a page, would it be possible to create links for the first mock-up in a project, the last, and also the next and previous to the mock-ups you are currently on.

For example. Say I create a symbol “Navigation” with four buttons and each button is linked to one of the 4 options above. If I have 10 mock-ups in sequential order 1 to 10, and each mock-up has the “Navigation” symbol, then if I am on mock-up 7, if I press the “Previous” button it will go to mock-up 6, “Next” to mock-up 8, “First” to mock-up 1, and “Last” to mock-up 10.

However, say I want to rearrange all the mock-ups within my project, say from 10 (first mock-up in list) to 1 (last in list). Now if I am on mock-up 7, if I press the “Previous” button it will go to mock-up 8, “Next” to mock-up 6, “First” to mock-up 10, and “Last” to mock-up 1. All done automatically through “dynamic links”, so I wouldn’t have to go to each screen and update the links. Obviously it would only work with set positions, so I think First, Last, Next and Previous would be sufficient to start with. If subfolders/sections within projects are added, the you could also add first and last screen in a section/subfolder

In my head it sounds clever anyway. Whether it can be implemented or others would find it useful, I don’t know.

Hey @duncliffe, thanks for the idea! I’m interested to see if others would find this useful as well!

We have plans for “Back” and “Forward” type links in the future that would operate similar to your browsing history. That wouldn’t really solve your need here though. We’ll see where this goes!

Thanks @ben
The “Back” and “Forwards” would be a big help I think. To be honest, that was what I was looking for first, but just thought adding “First” and “Last” might be useful too.