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Feature Request: Easy import of pictures for Confluence


Adding custom images to Mockups in Confluence is quite cumbersome: if you need an image, you have to add it to the page first. So you have switch between the page and Mockups all the time. This means a lot of clicks and waiting time.

It would be great if we could easily drag’n’drop pictures into the mockup directly or copy images via the clipboard.

Please also file this for on premise installations, not only Atlassian Cloud.



Hi @ThDamme,

You can actually add an image directly from the editor by following this steps:

  1. add an image from the Quick Add field

  2. Then double-click the image, a selection window will appear. Hit “Browse” to select the image you need to import. Press “Open” once it is selected.

  3. Then press “Attach” to import it. Make sure you’ve selected the image you want and hit “Load”

All done from the editor. :wink:

I understand it is not as easy as using drag/drop into the mockup directly or copy images via the clipboard but this is not possible due to Flash player/browser limitations for now.

Hope this helps! Let me know if that works for you.