Feature Request - Embedded (or nested) Wireframes

As a Product Designer, I would like to be able to embed a wireframe within another wireframes to allow my designs to be reusable but still easy to update.

For example, I may create a “background” wireframe for a webpage. I now duplicate this for different webpage designs, but later realize I need to modify the original background wireframe.

Without having the background wireframe embedded or dynamically linked, I now have to manually fix all of the clones I made of this wireframe.

This has a distinct advantage over making “template wireframe snippets”, but template snippets would also be an improvement over the current functionality.

Thank you for the hard work on a great product!

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Hi @gcochrane and thanks for sharing your need today!

Have you tried using our Symbols feature yet?

This feature will allow you to create groups of UI controls that you can reuse in multiple wireframes. It can be useful for small items but also an entire wireframe (background in your case) that you can then modify in a single place.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you need anything else.

Wow @Virgin that’s pretty much what I wanted! We can definitely consider my request closed, I think the only thought I have left is that the Symbols name is not super intuitive. I’m a new user (1 month in) and I didn’t think that the Symbols would have the functionality they have.

Thank you very much for the fast reply and for improving my workflow massively!

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