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[Feature request]: Enable "layering functions" for groups



this request has already been mentioned in B3 feature request, but I think it is not popular placed in there (and I really would love such a functionallity), so I’m writing here a new topic.
I think the possibility of handling groups like layers would be a great benefit for mockups.

Objects should be groupable as today in groups. These groups could be displayed in a new panel (maybe Group- Panel) on the right side of the window. It should be possible to name a group.
Additionally it should be possible from this groups- panel to hide or show a group (like layers in photoshop, gimp, …).
It would be even perfect to find a more easy way to assign an object to a group, maybe using the pop-up (right click on object) --> [Groups] --> [Add to group] and then select the group to be added to.

What do you think about?



Hi @harald, can you please tell me more about what problem(s) this would solve?


Hi peldi,

this should be useful in more complex layouts. Consider you are mocking a view with a lot containers and some buttons within and you’ld like to quickly switch between “show buttons” and “hide buttons” to modify the containers layout without the buttons.