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[Feature Request] Export Current Selection AS PNG to Clipboard


Exporting to the clipboard is super handy when working with multiple mockups programs (Axure & Mockups for example).

Often, I have several “screens” on a page I would like to export. As a workaround right now, I copy each page to a new document and then export to the clipboard using the keyboard shortcut.

Being able to export just the current selection to PNG would make me a lot faster!


@Colin_Heics you can do this in version 3.x. Make your selection from the current page and then use the menu Project > Export > Export current mockup to PNG. You’ll get a dialogue asking if you’d like to export the selection, or export everything.

Hope that’s what you were looking for?


Being able to export directly to the Clipboard works much better with my workflow that to a file.


Hi Colin,

There is also the option to copy a selection as image. The shortcut on windows is “CTRL + ALT + C” (or right alt + c). This will create a bitmap image in your clipboard that you can paste in e.g. paint or word.

On mac just use a normal copy. The clipboard data will have the mockup data and the image data. In programs that support text and images you’ll need to choose which content shall be pasted. For e.g. word on mac the shortcut is: CMD + CTRL + V


Unfortunately, many apps do not support the clipboard this way on OSX (other developer’s fault?)

For example, Pages will always paste the image from Balsamiqs on the clipboard, there is no way to paste the XML.

In Axure RP, the actual XML is always pasted.


Colin, may I ask what application you’re trying to import into?

Apple products like Keynote and Pages, as you noted, will paste the image if you selected a part of the Mockup and copied it.

However, if you used SHIFT+OPT+CMD+V (rather than CMD+V) you’ll be doing “Paste Item Exactly,” which will give you the XML. Another option in those tools is to insert a Text element into either application and do CMD+V. That’ll insert XML.

Hopefully one of those options helps for each of these cases.


I was using AxureRP - turns out the “Paste Special” action in Axure is only available from the right click context menu, not from the menu bar.

I was able to find the option to paste as an image after contacting their support team.