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Feature Request: Export note with mockup


What a tremenduous new release! Congratulations.

I really like that I can add notes to the mockups. It would be really helpful if the export would allow to include those notes alongside the screen.


Thanks for the kind words!

Exporting the notes is on our list to figure out. How would you expect it to export? Maybe you could throw together a quick mockup? :slight_smile: Thank you!


Sure! Here you are.exportNotes.bmpr (562 KB)
As matter of fact, I would only add that option to the pdf export and not the images!

I wanted to add page titles but remembered that there is a code for that. That would also be a practical way (create a code for notes and project infos). So each user can put it where she or he wants to!
That would be then: {mockup-notes} and {project-info}


Nice Florian! Thanks for taking the time to mock up that idea for us. I’m attaching it to our internal tracker for us to consider when we get to this feature. Cheers!


I’d like to second this. Would be really helpful that I’ve created notes in Balsamic that they can export alongside the PDF. Would also be useful to export as Markdown for importing into other software.

Version 3 is definitely moving in the right direction BTW :smile:


@b0r1s, I just wanted to follow up on this separate idea quickly. What would you use this for? What kinds of things are you putting in the notes that you would want exported? I just wanted to get a complete picture of how that would be used to help us in feature planning if we go this direction. Thanks!


So since using the new version of Balsamiq I’ve been using the Markup callout number to then match a number in the notes column.

While I could do this in a separate document, it is much better all in the same app. Being able to then have control over the export, especially if we could either create separate appendix pages with the wireframes would be great.


Hi everybody,

We added the option to include the mockup notes in the PDF export.

You can read the complete release notes of version 3.1.2 here:

You can get the latest release here:


Is there a way to get the notes to wrap? When I open the PDF the mockup is there, but the notes are on a single line and disappear off the page, so I only get the first sentence or so.


Hi @Tyson_Vanover

That is a bug in our application. We fixed it in the prerelease that you can get here: