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[Feature Request] Export selected mockups!


We desperately need the ability to select a handful of mockups, and just export those. Right now I only see the ability to export all or export one at a time.


Hey @charliepratt!

Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for taking the time to reach out :slight_smile:

Export settings differ from product to product, so let me know which product you are using and we will go from there!

I’ll stand by for your response.


Hi Brendan - I’m using 3.3.9 for Mac.


Ahh cool, I was hoping that was the case!

You can choose which mockups you want to export using the Export To PDF (Project > Export to PDF) function. If you want the images of those mockups, you can pull them out of the PDF.

Does that help?


Thanks for the info… that is helpful to know, but not really a solution to my use case.

Backstory: We export wires in PNG to use with InVision. Hundreds, every day. We want to be able to make multiple mockup selections in the Mockups pane, and then either right click to “Export Selected as PNG” or use the Project > Export menu. That process would be much handier and faster than having to open the export screen you’ve shown here.


Completely understand, Charlie.

I will pass this on to the team and see if we can do something for you. Sorry for the hassle in the interim.



I currently Export the whole lot and then just pick out the one’s that I want.

Combining exporting selected mockups with prepending numbers would make life just that little bit easier also.


Hi! We also would need this ability to export selected mockups for PNG. Currenlty it takes a lot of time to export 100 mockups all the time. And if changes are made to for example 6 mockups we have to export all 100 again, because it is easier than one by one. After that we need to find this mockups in exported folder to upload to Invisionapp. It could be much easier :slight_smile:.

Any plans to implement this feature?


Features like this are things we are going to go back and look at as soon as we are done with this big native re-write, @rutra.

In the meantime, I’ve made sure the dev team sees that this is something that would be helpful to you as well.

If other folks would like to see this, please like this post, or reply below. Seeing demand will really help us prioritize the features we implement after we release new versions of the desktop apps!


+1 For this feature in Mockups for Windows.


Really surprised this is still not supported over two years after it was raised.

This is fairly standard functionality in most design applications and I can’t imagine would be much effort to add. It would make selective Export process quicker (by saving time not exporting screens that aren’t needed) and also help designers streamline their workflows.

+1 for Mockups for Windows.


(Let me bring this up again) Desperately need this. Every single designer teammate is asking for this feature. Looking forward to see it asap.


Hey, it’s February 2019 and I would love to upvote this feature request! It’s taking forever to export all 200 mockups when I just need the ten I most recently created/edited. Thanks!