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[Feature Request] Export to PDF optimization

Some background before I explain my feature idea. The structure of my wireframe project file is by my “application module”, which is a set of all clicks and screens the user could possibly encounter in the module.

When I’m wireframing up a proposed change, I touch a subset of screens within my project file. When I’m done, I use the Export to PDF to create a low-tech presentation, which I then will present to SMEs for their review.

I’m expecting the following:

  • I select 1-M wireframes in the file by holding control and clicking each. I’m evaluating if I want to “include it” in my PDF presentation.
  • I THEN go Export to PDF

Expected Results

  • The wireframes I selected in the canvas/wireframe view should be passed to the “Export to PDF” dialog as “Selected wireframes”

Actual Results

  • The wireframes I selected have no bearing on the dialog. I’m forced to reselect my wireframes. I usually have to do this a few times because I forget 1 or 2 in the initial selection.

Bonus Gripe:

  • My wireframe names are long-ish (maybe 50 characters? and center around the menu path the user has clicked to get there) Some of my wireframes have very similar names if the click path is mostly identical. In the Export to PDF dialog, since there is no slider (to make the wireframe listing selection bigger horizontally), I can’t always tell which wireframe I’m selecting!

Email me directly if you need any more context! Thanks for consideration.


Totally understand, Drew, and you’re not the first person to ask.

We have a couple of export stories that we are looking at for a potential future sprint, and being able to select wireframes from the navigator for export is on the list.

As a bonus, addressing the long wireframe names in the export screen is also on the list. :wink:

Great news! Looking forward to the adjustment