Feature Request: Export to PNG selected widget


Hi, Balsamiq,

As a UX designer, I want to copy as an image the selected widget from mockup and insert it into documentation, so I don’t need an external screen grabbing tool and increase my productivity.

Currently Balsamiq allows to get PNG image of the entire mockup (File -> Export -> Mockup to Clipboard or CTRL+SHIFT+C). But for documents I frequently need just a widget or even a fragment of it. So I use external screen grabbing tool to copy some fragment of the mockup.

The lack of it isn’t a huge pain, but having this feature creates better flow (as described in Kano model), is a delight!

Thank you.


Hi @Alexey_Kolchenko,

Good news! That feature is already there for you. :slight_smile:

You can select the control(s) you need and use the Export Current Mockup to PNG option to reveal this dialog:

More details here.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Virgin,

Indeed, it’s a good news, thank you.

The pain point is I need to save the image to disc, then insert it into my doc, which takes time.
And my current workflow with external screen grabbing tool is much faster.

My suggestion was about placing the selected widget into the clipboard with single shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+C).
Or even simplier: CTRL+C and CTRL+V into Word/GDoc document.

Anyway, thank you for highlighting new feature for me.


Ah I see @Alexey_Kolchenko. Sorry for missing that part.

I’ve added this suggestion to our internal tracker and we’ll see if we can improve this behavior in the next major version. Thanks again! :slight_smile: