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[Feature Request] externally linkable wireframe

It would be useful to allow for wireframes to have external linking, not just image links.

A similar feature which my team finds useful is copying a link to a Figma artboard so we can share it.

If users could link to a wireframe it would be easier to click through prototypes and easier direct towards a wireframe that needs to be edited.

Hi there @ashloff ,

If you’re using our web-hosted version of the app - Balsamiq Cloud we have a couple of features which pretty much do what you’re asking:

  1. You could enable Public Sharing which generates a link you can send to anybody who can then review and comment on your wireframes.

  2. We can also provide a direct link which will take them directly in to Full Screen Presentation Mode

  3. If you would like to allow somebody to review and comment on your wireframes and even edit them, you can add them to your project with the appropriate permission level. See: Sharing with Team Members though that does require the extra step of creating a Balsamiq Cloud user account (no cost - all Cloud subscriptions allow unlimited users).

Hope that all makes sense. if you have any questions or issues, we’re here and always happy to help!